Samsung USB Driver

Samsung USB Driver helps you connect your Samsung Smartphones and Tablets to the Windows computer without installing any Samsung PC Suite Application. The USB Driver allows you to fix the following issues. i.e., Download Mode Driver issue, MTP Mode Driver issue, and ADB Mode Driver issue.

Here on the current page, we have shared the latest and the previous version of the USB Driver with the installation Tutorial. We recommend using the latest version of this USB Driver.

Samsung USB Driver

Download Samsung USB Driver:

Driver Version Link
v1.7.56.0 Get It
v1.7.50.0 Get It
v1.7.48.0 Get It
v1.7.46.0 Get It
v1.7.43.0 Get It
v1.7.31.0 Get It
v1.7.28.0 Get It
v1.7.23.0 Get It
v1.7.17.0 Get It
v1.7.11.0 Get It
v1.5.65.0 Get It
v1.5.63.0 Get It
v1.5.61.0 Get It
v1.5.60.0 Get It
v1.5.55.0 Get It
v1.5.51.0 Get It
v1.5.49.0 Get It
v1.5.45.0 Get It
v1.5.33.0 Get It

How To Install Samsung USB Driver:

01: Download Samsung Mobile Driver on your computer. Then, follow the following steps.

Download Samsung USB Driver

02: Now, right-click on the Driver, then choose Open.

Samsung USB Driver

03: Now, click on the Next button. Then follow the following steps.

Samsung USB Driver

04: Then again, click on the Next button.

Samsung USB Driver

05: Finally, click on the Install button to install the Driver.

Finishing installation

06: After clicking the Install button, wait a few seconds to install it.

Wait for Installation

07: After successfully installing the USB Driver, click the Finish button.

Install Samsung USB Driver

Congratulations! you have successfully installed the Samsung USB Driver on your computer.

Readme once

Use Latest Version: We recommend using the latest version of the Samsung USB Driver.

Scan: Firstly, we have scanned it using the Kaspersky Antivirus. Then we upload it online.

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